The 2019 Romp was a huge success
with 875 people and 602 doodles registered.
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Donating $30 will pay for 1 day of meals for a client
Donating $36 will pay for a Fresh Produce Grocery Bag for 5 clients
Donating $75 will pay for a Grocery Protein Pack for 18 clients in the Groceries-to-Go program
Donating $110 will pay for 1 Nutrition Counseling Session with a registered dietitian
Donating $180 Covers food, preparation, and meal delivery to 1 client for a week



Since 2005, the Romp has donated more than $45,000 to Food&Frlends, a metro DC organization that prepares fresh meals that are nutritionally specific for the people who receive them.They also provide groceries to make sure they are able to continue to provide for themselves, if possible. Food & Friends takes care of men, women and children who suffer from life-threatening Illnesses.

Winter 2005: Death of long-term psychotherapy client prompts clinical social worker, Amy Scott, to want to create a way to honor this young man who died much too soon. The two often worked with her doodle, Arlo, present, and after his death, Arlo would sit at the door of their weekly session time, clearly missing and grieving him, too. During the last year of his life, Food&Frlends provided his meals, which "Dan" described as "delicious and healthy".

Amy Lane's Fox Creek Farm, one of the first breeders of Doodles in the U.S., organizes a romp for doodle owners in Columbia, MD.. Arlo and his family attend. Around the same time, they are at the beach in Dewey,where the Greyhounds gather for a yearly event.

Eureka! An event is born. Why not do the Doodle Romp at the beach and make it a "funraiser'' for Food&Friends! It would capture so much of what was important to "Dan". Food&Frlends, dogs and kids ("Dan" was a teacher and a counselor, who had a wonderful gift of bringing out the best in young people).

Amy Lane agreed immediately to help spread the word about this new event. What started with about 10 people on the beach has grown to be a major yearly event that has brought people to Dewey from as far away as Canada, Florida and Minneapolis. Last year, more than 700 people and at least 345 doodles gathered in Dewey!

We thank the town of Dewey Beach, who has opened their hearts to our doodle families and have allowed our dogs to run leash free on the beach. Local businesses, such as Sharkeys, The Starboard and Grotto Pizza have hosted us for "yappy hours," dinners, or have delivered food to the beach. The Romp thrives because of our volunteer helpers and Doodle owners who attend the Romp and return year after year to help it run smoothly. Crystal, David, Pattie, Terry, Julia, Gabe, Daniel and Lori Bernstein, Bernstein Communications and S & B Technologies.


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