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"Not taking your Dood to Dewey is like not taking your kids to Disneyland!"


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2003 - 2019

The first Doodle Romp began in 2005 in order to raise money for Food&Friends, a metro DC non-profit organization that prepares fresh meals that are nutritionally specific for men and women suffering from cancer, HIV/Aids, and other chronic, life-threatening illnesses. The event was created to silently honor, “Dan”, a young man who was a teacher, counselor and dog lover, who found Food&Friends to be indispensable during his final year of life.

Just a few folks with their dogs raised $200 at the inaugural Romp. Over the years, the Romp has donated more than $62,000 to Food & Friends. Last year, the Romp hosted almost 900 people and more than 600 doodles, donating $17,000.00. People have come from as far away as Canada, Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New York, and Minneapolis to specifically attend the event.

Here’s the backstory of the Romp: Winter, 2005. With the death of her patient, “Dan,” clinical social worker, Amy Scott, wanted to create a way to honor this young man who died much too soon. Two things stood out: She knew Dan loved the food from Food&Friends , and her doodle, Arlo, was often present in their sessions. After Dan’s death, Arlo would sit at the door at their weekly session time, clearly missing Dan and grieving, too.

During this time, two factors converge: Amy Lane’s Fox Creek Farm, one of the first breeders of Doodles in the U.S. organizes a romp for doodle owners in Columbia MD. Arlo and his family attend. The family is also at the beach in Dewey during the annual Greyhounds Reach the Beach. Eureka!! An event is born. Why not do the Doodle Romp at the beach and make it a “funraiser” for Food&Friends?! It would capture so much of what was important to Dan; Food&Friends, kids and dogs.

We thank the town of Dewey Beach, which has opened their hearts to our doodle families and have allowed our dogs to run leash free on the beach. Local businesses, such as Sharkeys, Mama Maria, Blue Coast, The Starboard, Grotto Pizza and Atlantic Oceanside Hotel have hosted us for “yappy” hours, dinners, or have provided food. The Romp thrives because of our volunteer helpers and Doodle owners who attend the Romp and return year after year to help it run smoothly. Daniel, Stephany, Vicki, Pattie, Julia, Johnny, Lenny, Jody, Mitch, Linda, Jackie, Donna, Robert Turtil Photography, Lori with Bernstein Communications and Dave, S&B Technologies. This year, Food&Friends join us creating this magical event. Here’s to a fabulous 2020 DoodlesinDewey for Food&Friends. Have a blast, everyone.

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Love Doodles. Do Good. Have Fun!




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